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LPC by Comity

LPC by Universal



Mississippi offers several paths to counselor licensure and supervisor certification depending on the applicant’s educational, examination and professional experience.  Individuals seeking licensure must meet pre-application requirements BEFORE applying for one of these types of license or certification.

  • Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor (P-LPC) has met pre-application requirements and is approved by the Board to offer professional counseling or psychotherapy services while under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S).
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) has met pre-application requirements and is approved to practice independent counseling without supervision.
  • Licensed Professional Counselor by Universal currently holds a LPC license in another state, with a similar scope of practice and at the same practice level, with at least one (1) year of professional work experience as a counselor since the date of initial licensure, that licensure was maintained continuously during that year and that no substantiated complaints or disciplinary action(s) have ever been taken against the licensee.
  • Licensed Professional Counselor by Comity has met the pre-application requirements, has a current license as a Licensed Professional Counselor or its equivalent independent counseling license from another state and has practiced independent counseling for at least the past five years without supervision.
  • Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor (LPC-S) has been practicing mental health counseling for at least five years, has consecutively held a Mississippi LPC license in good standing for at least two of the five years, and has completed the supervisory education requirements to be certified by the Board to supervise.