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Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor (P-LPC)

This license is for individuals who have completed a qualified master’s degree, have taken and passed the National Counselor Examination (NCE), and wish to offer professional counseling or psychotherapy services.  A P-LPC has a license to practice counseling in the state of Mississippi under the supervision of a Mississippi Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor (LPC-S). A P-LPC may provide services to individuals, groups, organizations, corporations, institutions, government agencies or the general public for a fee, monetary or otherwise, implying that he or she is licensed.

Only a P-LPC practicing under the supervision of a MS LPC-S is allowed to count supervised experience toward becoming an LPC in Mississippi. A P-LPC cannot practice independently.

Once the supervised experience requirements are completed (Rules & Regs 4.3), a P-LPC can apply for full licensure as an LPC. The Board will review the completed supervised hours to determine eligibility to take the National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Exam (NCMHCE). A passing score on the NCMHE is required for licensure as an LPC.

Before applying for the P-LPC license, individuals must meet the following:

Pre-Application Requirements:

  1. A qualified Master’s degree in Counseling. (Rules & Regs 4.2.C.)
  2. Passing score on the National Counselor Exam (NCE) (Register for examination for the purposes of state licensure/P-LPC.)

    If you have met the Pre-Application requirements and are ready to begin your online application, select the APPLY for Provisional-LPC (P-LPC) below. PRINT a copy of the instructions for reference while completing the online application or refer to the P-LPC Application Process (PowerPoint) for screenshots of each step of the P-LPC Application Process.


    Apply for Provisional – LPC (P-LPC)

    Instructions for Applying for Provisional-LPC (P-LPC) – Print

    P-LPC Application Process (PowerPoint)

    1. Verify that you have met the Pre-application requirements:

    • Taken and passed the National Counselor Exam (NCE) from the National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc. (NBCC).
    • Obtained a Master’s degree program that has the word Counseling in its title AND consists of sixty (60) semester hours or ninety (90) quarter-hours.

    2. Secure a Mississippi Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor (LPC-S).  
        Click here to find a LPC-S (How to begin supervision with an LPC-S)

    3. Set up an Applicant Profile through the link provided at the bottom of these Instructions.  This will allow you to access the P-LPC Application and Supervisory Agreement. Remember your email and password for later access.

    4. Enter into a Supervisory Agreement with a Mississippi Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor (LPC-S).  Login to your new profile by using the email address and password you created. Select the App Info tab and scroll to Part III to complete the Post-Grad Supervisory Agreement. This online form uses electronic signatures between you and your supervisor to complete the agreement. 

    5. Upload Supervision Contract to the Supervisory Agreement in App Info. Contract is obtained from LPC-S and signed by you and your LPC-S.

    6. Upload Declaration of Practices to the Supervisory Agreement in App Info. It must be reviewed and approved by your LPC-S. Sample Declaration of Practices available here.

    7. Complete P-LPC Application. Available to you after you have completed steps 1 – 6 above.  Login to Profile and select App Info tab.

    8. Submit P-LPC Application Fee. Upon completion of Steps 1- 7 you will be directed to pay the Application Fee through your Application Profile.

    9. Request Transcript.  Request Official Transcript(s) from an approved educational institution verifying educational qualifications.  Only the graduate-level transcripts are required. The official transcript(s) should be sent directly to the Board via eScrip to or mailed to the Board sealed in an envelope and signed or stamped across the envelope’s seal by the transcript clerk issuing the document to the applicant at the address found in the Board Information tab.

    10. Request Official NCE Scores.  Official NCE score report must be submitted directly to the Mississippi LPC Board from the National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc. (NBCC) Please keep in mind that it takes about 4-6 weeks for the NBCC to process and send out Official Score Reports after taking the NCE. Please plan accordingly.

    11. Request Fingerprint Card for Background Check.  Request card and remit Background Check Processing Fee of $50 through your Applicant Profile. The Board will mail you a customized card for you to submit to Mississippi Criminal Information Center. (MCIC) This fee is paid at the same time the application fee is remitted. Fingerprint cards cannot be requested outside of completion of application.

    12. Submit Fingerprint Card directly to MCIC.  Fingerprint images must be submitted directly to the Mississippi Criminal Information Center on the customized card mailed to you. (Instructions will be included with the customized card.)

     Are you ready to begin the P-LPC process?   Yes (Click Here Create New Login)

    Managing your P-LPC License

    Supervision Hours

    P-LPCs can only offer counseling services while under contract with an LPC-S. This contract allows you to report your experience hours online through your Profile in the Supervision Reporting Log. When you have accrued the supervised hours required you may apply for your LPC. Remember that Provisional licensees must remain under the active supervision of a Board-Approved Supervisor until he/she is independently licensed. How to report supervised experience           

    How your LPC-S reports supervised experience/Form B

    Changing site or setting

    P-LPCs may change site or setting for supervised experience by entering into a new online Post-Graduate Supervision Agreement, Uploading a new Declaration of Practice for the new setting, and Uploading contract. The LPC-S reviews and concurs the new Post-Graduate Supervision Agreement. The LPC-S must “complete” or end the agreement for the previous site. The LPC-S may then “prepare Form B” to verify the supervision hours for the previous site.

    Steps to change site/setting:

    • LPC-S for that site must click on the “agreement complete” button, then enter the date agreement ended, reason for ending agreement, check box if supervisee will remain under supervision with that LPC-S or do not check the box if supervisee will not remain under supervision with that LPC-S, then click on the “Yes” button to continue with ending that agreement.
    • LPC-S will be taken to a screen to “update completed hours”. The completed hours must be entered into the box to match the supervision reporting logs, the LPC-S must click on the “update” button.
    • LPC-S is then taken to the Post-Master’s Supervision Verification, Form B, and must enter detailed description of practice supervised, check the appropriate button for recommendation/verification, click on the box to certify the information is true and complete, then click on “Save Form”. The “Save Form” submits the verification Form B electronically to the P-LPC’s online application.

    A detailed PowerPoint in the “managing supervisees” tab on the “I’m A ….LPC-S” page.  

    Continuing Education
    The Board requires P-LPC to complete 6 hours of CEHs during the renewal period. Of these six (6) hours, two (2) must be Ethics training. P-LPCs document their CEHs by completing the entries in their online Profile under the Education tab. See the Renewal Process link below for review of how to correctly document hours.

    Update/Review Continuing Education Credit

    P-LPCs may review their current totals of continuing education hours and can update their file by logging in to their Profile and selecting the Education tab, then select the View/Update Current CE Hrs. Follow the instructions provided when selecting this tab to upload certificates.
    Click here to login to your Profile.


     Refer to the Rules and Regulations – Rule 6.2.(C) – on other ways to receive CEH (i.e. coursework, Home Study, Presentations, Publishing, Counseling, Research, and/or Organizational and Regulatory)

    NBCC Review form for non-pre-approved CEH

    ACEP Directory 

    NBCC – Earn Continuing Education 

    Provisional Licensees are required to renew their licenses in order to maintain the right to practice. Renewal includes documenting CEHs (6 hours, including 2 Ethics hours); verification of Profile information; answering personal history questions; and payment of renewal fee.

    Renewals notices will be emailed to P-LPCs and payment can be performed online by credit card or electronic check, or by mailing a check or money order to the Board office.  Online process is easy to use and renewal is complete when payment is processed. 

    When logged into your Profile you can:

    • Update your contact information
    • Change your Profile picture
    • Review license status
    • Order replacement certificates when damaged, lost, or name changed If you need a replacement certificate due to name change or damaged or lost certificate, you may request replacement of your MS Professional Counselor License through the Online Payment tab in your profile. There is a $30 fee for replacement wall certificate.
    • Order verification of license to be sent to other entities If you are a MS P-LPC or LPC or have been in the past, you may request verification of your MS Professional Counselor License through the Online Payment tab in your profile. There is a $25 fee for the verification to be sent to another state licensing Board.
    • Request License File Transfer to Other Jurisdiction
    • Renew your license
    • Check CEH and Submit CEH
    • Make secure online payments

Instructions on how to renew online  

    P-LPC Renewal Process

    P-LPC Renewal Instructions 

    Apply for LPC Candidate

    How to apply for LPC Candidate after completing supervised experience

    Once you are finished with your supervised experience, you must apply for LPC to take the LPC exam (NCMHCE). The Board reviews your application and supervision verification form(s) to determine approval for the NCMHCE.

    As a P-LPC, you must continue to renew your P-LPC license until you have taken and passed the NCMHCE and LPC has been issued.  You must also remain under supervision until LPC is issued and report the supervision in the same reporting log used for reporting experience with the current supervisor.

    Steps to apply for LPC Candidate:

    • Apply for LPC – when you have met the minimum total hours and individual supervision hours in the online reporting logs, a “Apply of LPC” button will appear in the top right side of your online profile on the General Registration tab. Click the Apply for LPC button and follow the prompts on the screen to the payment window and remit the $50 application fee.
    • Update Completed Hours – Verify all hours have been reported in the online supervision log and the supervisor has approved all reported hours. Then click on the “update completed hours” button in the post-master’s agreement(s) and enter the hours to match the online log hours recorded in red.
    • Prepare Form B – Your supervisor(s) will need to prepare the electronic Supervision Verification Form B and submit to the board for review. How your LPC-S reports supervised experience/Form B
    • Board Review – The Board reviews the verification forms. If acceptable, the Board approves you to take the exam. You will be notified via email of the Board’s approval.

    Frequently Asked Questions – P-LPC

    1. How do I know if the Board has received my supporting documents?

    • Login to your Profile and select the App Info tab. The date of receipt of transcripts, exam scores and background check is posted in the tracking section at the top of this section.

    2. When can I start logging hours?

    • In order to begin logging hours, all P-LPC applicants must have a completed application submitted, reviewed by the Board, approved by the Board, and a P-LPC number issued.

    3. Do I have to take the NCE even if I have a passing score on the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam?

    • Yes

    4. When do I take the NCMHCE?

    • Once supervised experience requirements are completed, you will apply for the LPC. The Board will review the application and approve to take the exam.

    5. If I have already taken and passed the NCMHCE must I take the exam again after I complete my supervision hours?

    • No, you do not have to retake the NCMHCE;


    • you must have a passing NCE score to apply for the Provisional LPC, even if you have a passing NCMHCE score.

    6. Can I provide Distance Professional Services with a P-LPC?

    • No

    7. How long do I have to complete the application process for P-LPC?

    • Your P-LPC application is active for 365 days from the date of payment. After this date, you must pay a Reapplication Fee to reactivate your application and continue the application process. Any applicant who does not complete the application process within the 365 days from the date the application was received by the office of the Mississippi State Board of Examiners for LPC must pay a Reapplication Fee to continue the application process in order to reactivate file for an additional one (1) year. If an applicant does not complete the application process within the additional 365 days, the application will become void.

    8. Can a P-LPC file insurance?

    • Third party reimbursement is dependent on the contract between the provider and the third party.

    9. What are my options if my master’s degree program was less than 60 hours?

    • The Board will consider your application for P-LPC if you complete another 60 hour degree program or complete an advanced degree, e.g. Doctorate or Specialist.

    10. Can I open my own practice with a P-LPC?

    • No.  You cannot engage in independent private practice as a P-LPC. Additionally, in a private practice setting, you must practice with an LPC on site with you, and you must be under supervision by a Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor (LPC-S).

    Licensure Exams

    National Counselor Exam (NCE)
    Individuals must have a passing score on the NCE to apply for a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor (P-LPC) credential. Individuals can take the NCE prior to completing a Master’s degree and without Board approval. You do not have to take exam at a Mississippi site.

    Individuals register here to take the NCE through the National Board for Certified Counselors without Board approval. (RegisterYou may register to take the exam at any Pearson VUE site or through OnVUE, a new online administration option.  You now have the choice to take the NCE online from the privacy of your home through the OnVUE platform or in person at a Pearson VUE test center. The OnVue platform is only available for the National Counselor Examination (NCE) and you will only be able to take the OnVue format one time. The information found here is designed to assist you in choosing the option that best suits your needs and will allow you to have the best possible testing experience.

    National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Exam (NCMHCE)
    To obtain the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) credential, individuals must have a passing score on the National Clinical Mental Health Exam (NCMHCE).  Individuals cannot register to take the NCMHCE without Board approval as a Candidate.  Once approved, Candidates will be instructed on the steps to register for the NCMHCE.

    To obtain Board approval to take the NCMHCE, an active P-LPC must be complete with supervised experience. An “Apply for LPC” button will be availale in your profile (if not, contact the Board office at You and your LPC-Supervisor will complete steps outlined here and submit verification form(s). The Board will review. If approved, you will be instructed via email on the steps to register for the NCMHCE.

    Once you pass the NCMHCE, the passing score report will be sent to the Board directly from NBCC on the Friday of the second full week of the month following the month you took the exam. When score report is received, you will be notified by email that score report has been received and the steps you need to take before LPC will be issued.