Owing to the essential nature of behavioral healthcare, the owner of the exams used by the Board for licensure were able to prioritize testing for applicants in these professions. Seating is limited because of the need to observe social distancing; however, the exam owners and administrators are working diligently to ensure examinees have access to the exams as soon as possible, but also as safely as possible.   Please check the link below for more information on the specific requirements for scheduling your exam.  The exam sites will be observing social distancing protocols. Examinees should carefully review the safety policies for the test site to which they are assigned before arriving.

Eligibility to take an exam is established after the Board receives a licensure application. If you’re unsure how to apply, visit the Apply for a License  tab at the top of our website.  Unless you have a letter of eligibility from the Board, you will not be able to register to take the NCMHCE. A letter of eligibility from the Board is not required to take the NCE. 

For more details on exam availability, visit the link below: