The Mississippi Jurisprudence exam is now available. The assessments are used to measure a Licensed professional Counselor’s or Supervisor’s familiarity with Mississippi state law, Mississippi Rules and Regulations, and the ethical codes of the American Counseling Association (ACA) necessary for safe and effective practice.The no fail Mississippi Jurisprudence exam is available from CCE Academy at You will need to choose the LPC examination unless you are an LPC-S, then select the LPC-S examination. LPC will receive three (3) hours of ethics for Mississippi renewal. LPC-S will receive two (2) hours of ethics and (1) hour of supervision for Mississippi renewal. Submit the certificate of completion of the Mississippi Jurisprudence exam on the CEH Reporting Tab in your Profile.
The “no fail” Mississippi Jurisprudence exam is designed with a pool of questions in which you must answer a minimum of thirty (thirty-five if you are an LPC-S) correctly. You cannot fail this exam. You will keep getting questions until you get the designated number correct.

Steps to Access and Complete the Mississippi Jurisprudence
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Click on Register
Step 3. Once registered, click on Jurisprudence, select Mississippi in the drop down.
Step 4. Select either the LPC or LPC-S
Step 5. Go to Cart and purchase your assessment
Step 6. Go back to Mississippi Jurisprudence to begin your assessment
Step 7. Once you complete the assessment, your certificate will be emailed to you It will also be stored in your Account.