During a Regular Meeting on May 21, 2021, the LPC Board repealed the proclamation dated March 16, 2020. The Board will allow licensees until September 30, 2021 to comply with the Board’s current Rules and Regulations for providing counseling, supervision, and telemental health services, which can be found HERE.

Do I have to comply with the Board’s Rule 7.5. if I am not providing telemental health services?
No, you are not required to obtain the Board Certified-Telemental Health (BC-TMH) credential or complete professional training as outlined in Rule 7.5. if you are not or do not plan to provide distance professional services.

How do I submit verification of training or credential to the Board?
Submit verification of credential or of completion of professional training in TeleMental Health counseling to the Board by uploading a copy of the credential certificate OR completion of professional training certificate to your profile at the bottom right side of the General Registration tab, under Distance Professional Services. (DPS Upload Instructions)

Do I have to complete both options, a. BC-TMH credential and b. professional training, under 7.5.(3)?
No, complete either a. BC-TMH credential or b. Professional Training.

I am fully licensed LPC (or MS equivalent) in another state, and have been providing services to a client who lives in Mississippi and is receiving services in Mississippi while I am providing services from another state as pursuant to the Board’s March 16, 2020 Proclamation and the Board March 26, 2020 update, after notifying the Board office and registering with the Board office. Does Rule 7.5. and other Distance Professional Services Rules and Regulations apply to me?
The Board rescinded its March 16, 2020 Proclamation and its March 26, 2020 update. You must be licensed in the state of Mississippi in order to provide services to a client in Mississippi along with documenting the appropriate credential or training as outlined in the Rules and Regulations (link above). You have until September 30, 2021 to comply with all of Mississippi’s Rules and Regulations and Statutes to continue providing services to existing or new clients or you should transition the client(s) to LPC in Mississippi.

Here are the licensure requirements.  https://www.lpc.ms.gov/license/ 


The Board is aware of the concerns related to COVID-19 and are actively monitoring its impact on counseling services and the Board is in active discussions on how to best serve the state of Mississippi.

The Board will release information when it becomes available. It will be shared with everyone via the Board’s website.

MS LPC Board Proclamation 03.16.20 – repealed on 05.21.2021
MCA Ethics Committee Tele-Health Resources

On March 26, 2020, the Board released the following statement.

“Licensed Counselors from outside of Mississippi are allowed to maintain a counseling relationship with existing clients (before March 16, 2020) who reside in Mississippi until the Executive Emergency order has been lifted by the Governor. The counselor must notify the MS LPC Board by email (info@lpc.ms.gov) that they are practicing by telehealth with an existing client. The counselor must provide the counselor’s name, credential, license number, address, approximate number of clients, and justification of the need to practice in the state of Mississippi. Counselors who are under supervision must provide their supervisor’s name and the supervisor’s contact information.”

In an effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), our office will be closed to the general public until further notice, effective on March 17, 2020. Our office will continue to respond to emails and answer calls.